Kinkaku-ji Temple

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Kinkaku-ji Temple

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In the temple of the Rinzai sect Shokokuji, Buddha is Shokan'non. Official name KUONJI left.
Pavilion that circuit style garden is spread around the Kagamimizuumi-chi, was Megurase paste the gold leaf on the banks of the pond too famous as a building representative of the Kitayama culture.

Mount into. Multicolor sliding Ukiyo-e woodblock prints (edition 18 23 degrees printing)

Osamu Harada: nurses sliding / Tomoaki Nishimura: tattooist Only with the amount-work, you can choose.
After ordering, I will deliver within a week usually.
19.5 × 30cm (vertical forehead size: 36.5cm × Horizontal: 44.5cm)

You can order the frame of the private work.
Please click here. Frame【Miyabi D】

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