Fukkoku Zen no niwa

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Fukkoku Zen no niwa
Fukkoku Zen no niwa

Fukkoku Zen no niwa

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Price: 132,000円
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ED350(Item# 2128,2129)
Print 28.5×41㎝(×2)
Framed 44.5×101.4㎝
Original frame, made of wood./ Acryl / Mat board(clothbound)/ with Inner bag

※This is a set of pictures and frame. We cannot sell only a picture.

This work is a reprint of the "Zen no niwa" announced in 2003, which was sold out with exceptional speed because of its popularity.
We recently produced a new version with a small size that is one size smaller so as to make it easier to multiply based on the masterpiece of Masao Ido's collection in GADO.
Please enjoy the world of enlightenment drew by Ido Masao.

Making technique: woodcut prints
Paper: Echizen hand-made winner at Japanese paper

・ This work is framed with a pair of left side and the right side
・ Each work contains an author, a pablisher seal, a limited number
・ A certificate of guarantee are affixed to the forefront

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